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What makes Creating Your Life Plan so radically different is it’s designed to help you experience a deep sense of meaning. Based on the work of Dr. Viktor Frankl, we believe a deep sense of meaning can be found three ways:

When you spend a little time focusing on these three areas, you’ll be amazed at how much better life can feel. Our curriculum is designed to help you make lasting changes, and when you start to experience a deep sense of meaning it will affect your family,  friends, and perhaps your entire community. There is nothing more powerful than a human being who is living a meaningful life.


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What is the basis for
Creating Your Life Plan?

In the early 1900’s, Sigmund Freud argued man’s primary motivation was the desire for pleasure. But Dr. Viktor Frankl contended with Freud saying man’s primary desire wasn’t for pleasure but for a deep sense of meaning. He went on to explain when a man couldn’t find a deep sense of meaning, he distracted himself with pleasure.

Frankl’s prescription to experience a deep sense of meaning was incredibly simple:

1. Have a project or projects that require your attention and focus.
2. Engage in healthy, loving relationships.
3. Have a redemptive perspective on your challenges and suffering.

Frankl called this logo therapy, a therapy based on experiencing meaning. He taught his patients to identify and engage in projects, analyze and build healthy relationships and to not allow bitterness about past suffering or present challenges to grow.

The results were remarkable. In fact, Frankl was put in charge of the mental health division of the Viennese hospital system because they'd been losing so many patients to suicide. When Dr. Frankl put patients through his simple process, though, they improved dramatically. Of the 30,000 patients under his watch, not one committed suicide. We really are designed to experience a life of meaning.

The Creating Your Life Plan system is designed with Frankl’s logotherapy in mind. This 11-session course will walk you through the creation of a life plan designed to give you a deep experience of meaning. When you create your life plan with this e-course, you enter into logotherapy yourself. No more waking up in a fog. No more confusion about life. The results are clarity, hope, focus and productivity. It's worked for millions and we believe it will work for you.